How do we move on with our lives?

As spring approaches, I have mixed feelings. The new

season means another chapter of my life has closed

without my beloved being in it, and a new one is starting

without him. That does make me sad. However, on the

other end of my thinking, spring always reminds me of

new life. The daffodils are blooming, the  grass is

turning green and there are buds on the trees.

I saw a butterfly today and three robins. That butterfly

had to go through a transformation to become as beautiful

as it is. My husband has also gone through a transformation.

He left his old “cocoon” behind and he is now transformed

into a new, flawless body. He too has “sprung” forth.

Like the lifeless plants and trees will soon show new beautiful

life, if I could see Phil, he too would show new vibrant life.

Our loved ones that have known Christ, are now more

more alive than ever before. I hope as you watch our

earth  start to show forth its beauty once again, you will

allow it to fill you renewed hope and joy that your loved one

is also enjoying his new surroundings and life. “In thy

presence is fullness of  joy ..” Psalm 16:11 Let’s start spring

rejoicing in this truth!

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