Thoughts of this 2013 Valentine’s Day

As this Valentine’s Day celebration comes to a close for 2013  I wonder in what way many of you celebrated. I know for those of you who have lost your “valentine” it has been a hard week.

This year I came across two identical Valentine ‘s Day cards that my husband and I had exchanged years ago. Of course neither of us knew what the other one had purchased. I displayed these cards as a reminder of the love we had shown each other, and I also bought myself six red roses to set out. Along with these few things, I also set a picture of us together that is special to me. As I looked at those things daily for the past week, the little display warmed my heart. I will most likely make this my tradition for celebrating this holiday.

I also had the privilege this year of attending a Valentine’s Day Banquet for widows. The theme verse was Psalm 112:7.  This Psalm is talking about the security of the Godly and how he can trust in the Lord. The last part of verse seven reads, “His heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord.” Claiming this verse for ourselves, we can each say, “My heart is fixed; I trust in the Lord!”  How beautiful these words are!

I do want to be able to say, “My HEART is fixed;  I trust in the Lord!”  When sadness starts to over- take our souls we all need to keep our hearts established and our minds on the everlasting love our Lord has for us.  He is our greatest Valentine and has given us the greatest give of love- His son and the promise of eternal life! Thank you, Lord.

I hope each one of you can also claim that your heart is fixed and that you trust in the Lord!

One thought on “Thoughts of this 2013 Valentine’s Day

  1. I like that you have made up your own celebration/commemoration for Valentine’s Day instead of letting it overwhelm you with sadness. I have found that replacing what was with something new and different seems to help…so I am not lamenting what is no more. More adjusting to the new normal that is.


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