A Glimpse of Heaven

Two years ago, on June 4th, my husband entered heaven. Two pictures come to my mind when I think back to that day. They are contrasting pictures.

The first picture is one forever etched into my mind, a memory of how my husband looked as he was dying. Because of the chemo he had no hair. He had not been able to keep his food or drink down, so he was very skinny. He had lost his immunity with a previous bone marrow transplant, so he had developed a bad case of chicken pox which covered his entire head and body. All of these factors added together gave him a very ghastly appearance.

As I now envision that heart-breaking scene, I then shift to the other picture etched into my memory. This picture is actually more of a scene.

While my husband, Phil, was taking his last breaths, he opened his eyes and looked above his head and smiled! He did this three times! The last time he had a look of surprise mingled with his smile. Both my daughters and I were so blessed to have witnessed this. We knew that Phil had seen a glimpse of those who were waiting for him. Was one of them our son? Phil’s mom?  Jesus himself?

Genesis 49:33 says that Jacob “yielded up the ghost, and was gathered unto his people.”  I believe that all believer’s will be gathered unto their own. There was something very sacred about standing there and witnessing the tunnel of eternity opening to my dearest loved one.

May we all remain faithful until that day that we meet again.


5 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Heaven

  1. I was not with my husband Bob when he died, but the ICU nurse told me that she had seen a lot back there and wanted me to know that he had such a look of complete peace on his face right before and then after his heart stopped. Less than 2 months later my Mom died. I was with her that morning. She kept looking up at the ceiling with her eyes moving back and forth as if she just couldn’t get enough of what she was seeing. She had the most beautiful peaceful smile in her face that lit up her whole being. I knew she was seeing into heaven.

    The night before Mom died, I had my first dream about Bob. He came to me and he looked as healthy and wonderful as he did when I first met him in our 20’s. He was just beaming with joy and said, “Hey Bert (his pet name for me)!!! I feel SO GOOD! Look!!!” He pulled his pant legs up to show me that he was not swollen from treatments anymore and was completely healed.

    I will never forget these things. They are hidden treasures in my heart that I take out to encourage myself to keep on going.

    Thank you for sharing about your husband.


    • Thank you for sharing that with me. God is do good! I always wanted a dream of my husband but for some reason I never did. You poor thing, losing both your husband and mom at the same time. But yes, you do have hidden treasures on your heart. I am glad God brought our paths together.


  2. Thank you for sharing this. My husband was blessed with a vision of heaven two days before he passed. His description gave me such joy and peace. He passed in his sleep and when I arrived he had the most incredibly peaceful look on his face……..


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