Haiti Mission Trip Epilogue

May 21, 2015

Thank you for following this blog of my mission trip to Haiti. It was a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord.

As we rode on the tap-tap on the two hour trip to our destination, I marveled at the sights. Haiti is such a beautiful country; however, the people live with very little. I saw many vendors along the roadsides. People lived in humble dwellings often in the midst of rubble; yet, they took pride in themselves. Even though they had no running water or bathroom facilities, they were clean and well-dressed. I saw very little, if any, immodesty. Sometimes I’d see a woman sweeping the dirt away from her little section in front of her home while women  nearby did their laundry  in a basin with lots of clothes hanging over fences.

I had the opportunity to worship with Haitian Christians on Sunday. Although the believers have little or nothing in material goods, they worshiped and sang with all their heart. The joy of the Lord was present, a reminder that we all serve the same God and have the same Holy Spirit. One young lady came forward that morning during testimony time and became a believer. My heart rejoiced as I left the service that morning.

We had two-day clinics in two different areas. The first two days were set up in the church in Petit Guave. The last two days of clinic we spent in a mountain village.

Besides helping with my nursing skills, I also learned to help check vision. The second day in clinic the Lord allowed me to lead a young woman to salvation. What a glorious answer to prayer that was!

Our medical clinics and glasses probably served 750-800 people. On Friday two very ill children in the clinic were driven two hours away to a hospital for tests. We distribute 900 pairs of sunglasses, 208 pairs of reading glasses, and 47 pairs of distance glasses. We also gave away bags of rice and beans.

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive any reports of how many children were seen for fluoride or whether any prayed to receive Christ. But we did witness by handing out Gospel bracelets to many children while an interrupter explained what the colors on the bracelets meant.

In the afternoon of our last day, I enjoyed some free time by the Caribbean Sea. I have never seen such blue water. God allowed me to find several seashells to bring back home for the grandchildren and myself.

I praise God for the answered prayer of giving me stamina and health. I didn’t even have my usual headaches. Another answer to prayer!

I know God wants me to continue to serve Him in short-term missions. At this time, I don’t know for sure where He’s leading me to for my next trip. As one person stated at our first training meeting, God allows us to peek into many doors, but eventually He opens one wide for us to enter.  I’ve been presented with several opportunities, and at this point I’m praying and waiting for His leading.

May God Bless You,