Thanks to Easter!

Another Easter week end has arrived. This will be the fourth Easter since my husband went home to be with the Lord.  Just over the last couple weeks, I was rather melancholy as I thought about that last Easter he was with me. I came across a picture of us on his last Easter and was amazed at how good he looked. I’m sure he had had a few treatments that had his tumors at bay for that time. Then I saw pictures of him the following month at my granddaughter’s birthday party. Again, he looked good. However, I remembered that he said he wasn’t feeling well as we left that day. The next month he was home with the Lord. The pictures of my husband that last month do not look like him. They look like an old man and just a skeleton of one at best.

All the pictures and memories have given me mixed feelings. They make me sad and make me miss him more than ever; yet, they remind me of God’s great love. I had asked God to take Phil quickly if He was not going to heal him. I didn’t want to see him suffer. That’s exactly what God did. It felt like a hurricane blew through that house and took Phil him with it. When I remember that, I think of how gracious and loving our Heavenly Father is. The pictures I have of Phil are the evidence of just that. Our Lord didn’t allow him to suffer for long. From when the doctor said Phil would have only a few months, it was three weeks.

I continue to think about God and His goodness during this week-end. Without Easter, I would have no hope. As Christ died on that cross, bearing my sins for me, He made a way for me to have that hope. As a teen-ager  At the age of 16, I realized that even though I believed in Jesus and that He died for me and rose from the grave the third day, I had never taken that fact from my head and trusted Him with my heart. Since that day, He has been with me in Spirit. I know I will spend eternity in Heaven.

I can remember many times that He prevented me from falling during all those years and held my hand through many trials. When our son was killed along with his girlfriend, even though I grieved, it was not as one without hope. I knew they both had allowed Christ into their hearts, as well, which meant that one day I would be reunited with them again in Heaven.  I knew they were safe and in His presence. I knew God had just taken two of His own.

Last evening as I sat through a special Easter service in church, commemorating Christ’s crucifixion, I realized just how much that meant to me. When I became a widow, I was not alone. I had Christ to talk to any- time day or night. I had His hand of protection, and I had His constant companionship.

Did I grieve and weep over the loss of my son and husband? Of course, I did. The Bible tells us that even our Lord wept. But I wept not as one without hope. I wept over losing my other half while I remain here on earth. I wept over the loss of my life as a wife. However, I’m not at a loss as those who don’t have the Lord.  They have no one to call out to, in their loneliness and fear. I can’t imagine living my life without knowing that He’s there by my side at all times. He even promises to be “as a husband to me.”  In Isaiah 54:4 it reads, “…For your maker is your husband…”.

The service last night commemorated Christ’s death and burial. The services tomorrow, Easter Sunday, will celebrate His resurrection! It’s because He arose and stands at the right hand of the Father that I can praise Him! That’s why I can say thanks to Easter, and I can face tomorrow!

Happy Easter!

I pray if you don’t have Christ as your Savior, this Easter season will be the time of your new birth! Ask Him to come into your heart and save you! Thank Him for dying for you!

May God bless you,


He’s In My Head – She Said

Today I am posting something that one of my author friends, Cindy Sproles, posted on her daily devotions website,  The site can be found at
How precious to me are your thoughts, God!  139:17 NIV
My backyard looks like a mini forest. It didn’t start out that way. In fact, it was a mess when we moved in over twenty-seven years ago. Thickets of stickers, weeds disguised as saplings, and poison ivy. It took weeks for us to cut, hack, and burn the land so grass would grow.
Then it grew. For years we had a soft stand of grass, a tree house for the boys, and a corner burial plot for two dogs and three guinea pigs.  A lot happens over twenty-seven years. We outlive our pets, the tree house comes down, and the six trees our boys planted as children rise to over thirty feet. The grass that enjoyed the sun when the trees were small has since given way to moss and though the landscape has changed, I still find myself walking the parameter of our property in early morning…pondering.
I met a woman who wanted to take on our yard as a project. Over the summer I’ve watched her add a plant here, shape a spot there, remold the landscape a piece at a time. Thing is, she’s left my mini forest alone. She said when she’s done, you’ll be able to sit at one spot, follow the pathway up the hill and into the trees. “You can just think when you sit and gaze up the hill.”
I like that…I can just sit and think as I gaze into the trees. I “think” to God a lot. My thoughts to Him are deep, joyous, and sometimes pleading. But the best part of my mini forest is listening to God’s thoughts.
I seem to always hear His voice when I walk under the canopy of the Birch trees. The breeze that rustles through the highest branches, the birds who grumble as I disturb their morning search for worms. God talks to me in the solitude of the shade, in the movement of nature, and I love to listen.
The Psalms are beautiful. David “got” the presence of God. He grasped hold of the world around him and praised God for His omnipresent spirit. Regardless of where he walked, where he rested or traveled, David felt the thoughts of God – even before he was formed.
Sometimes it’s hard to understand God. My human eyes have difficulty seeing past my own spirit and into the eternal Spirit of Christ. When I’ve walked into my backyard, fallen to my knees and wailed my heart before God, He never fails to remind me He is in control. He knows my every need, hope…my every lament. He’s in my head.
Learning to hear the thoughts of God takes practice. It means developing that deep spiritual connection with Him…being quiet, open, and ready to hear. How precious it is to hear Him. How intimate.
Shhhhh. Listen. Be quiet and seek. And you’ll hear the thoughts of the Master too. Listen as He speaks.
Eddie Jones and Cindy Sproles are friends and cofounders of They cowrite the popular He Said, She Said devotions and host Blog Talk Radio’s Christian Devotions SPEAK UP! along with Scott McCausey. Eddie and Cindy travel and speak at conferences across the country and they are available to speak at your church or conference. Contact them
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